New blog about LOST is coming

Hi everyone. It’s me, Scott (SHC1970), co-host of the ReThinking LOST podcast.

This blog is intended to supplement, not take away from in any way, the podcast that Elton McManus and I produce about the TV show LOST.

Basically, this is going to be a SPOILER FREE presentation of the notes and thoughts I have as I prepare to do our podcast. With Elton and I being on opposite sides of the Atlantic and with our lives as busy as they are we don’t get to podcast as often as we’d like to. Plus, in an interest of keeping our shows a certain length we sometimes don’t get to discuss things in the depth or direction we’d like or originally planned to. Sometimes the time which passes between having a thought to recording to editing to posting the podcast is so long it makes the thought unsuitable for being part of the show. But it’s a thought none the less.

So, this will be a spot where some of those ideas can get out into the interweb.

I promise, it will be SEASON 6 SPOILER-FREE. And hopefully it will be worth your while.

Scott Copperman


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