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ReThinking Flash Sideways

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I’ll admit, so far they seem pointless. Well, not pointless, but unnecessarily long. We get it, life could have turned out differently for the Losties.

So far we’ve seen the first two days or so after the plane lands in LAX over and over again, with an emphasis on Jack, Locke, Kate, and Claire. At this rate, we’re going to have to sit through similar back-up and tell the story flash sideways for Sayid, Hurley, Sawyer, Sun and Jin (the one I’m most intrigued by), and maybe more.

Again, we get it… life is different, more so than simply having landed. I’m ready for it to have a more obvious meaning.

So, what is the point? Well, last night I had the chance to participate in LOSTBlog’s Special Saturday Coffee Talk. I expressed these feelings and as I spoke and listened to others, I could start to see a potential purpose to it all.

LOSTBlog’s Jon said he feels the flash sideways may be the epilogue to the show. I concede that the writers certainly must have a purpose, and I no longer think it’s practical to expect the “timelines” to merge. In fact, I think it’s very important to note that Damon and Carlton have gone out of their way to say this is not an ALTERNATE anything, it’s a flash sideways. And they’ve also used vague terms when describing the apparent connection between the incident and the emergence of this other outcome of flight 815.

Given that the flash forwards and flash backs were both part of the characters, “OUR characters” as some people call them, lives, it seems reasonable to expect that the flash sideways will too. But where does it all fit in? If we were talking about 2006 for Jin or Jack, sure, there’s a whole to fill. But so far, there is no correspondence between the times we’re witnessing in the flash sideways and the gaps created by time travel.

I’ve to theorize this…

the flash sideways are indeed a set of experiences our characters will go through. Jack’s deja vu moments are the result of it being the same Jack we know on island. But, our error is in thinking that the flash sideways are the result of the incident. I suggest that instead they are the result of some event we have yet to see or experience. Something that may happen in the middle or final trimester of the season.

Suppose that Jack and the others are offered a chance (perhaps as a reward or a temptation) to change things in a different way. Through a sacrifice on someone’s part (becoming Adam and Eve?) the losties and key others we’ve seen (Dogen, Ben, Ethan, and ?) get a chance to live life without Jacob’s influence. And that is the life we see in the flash sideways.

This needs to be fleshed out more, but it already reflects a major shift in my thinking about the off island stuff. What do you think?

-Scott Copperman-

Claire and Aaron

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Most of us assume Claire died, and was “claimed” or “infected.”

She feverently wants her baby back (I always think of the Chili’s “I want my baby back, baby back…” song when I type that). Why?

I mean, duh, it’s her baby. But, she calmly left the baby in the first place, she didn’t seem concerned back when she was with Christian in the cabin, and she’s not OLD Claire, she’s been changed. Why is the baby so important…

I have two theories:

  1. (25%) At first, she was with Christian Shephard, and Christian was an agent of Jacob (as he claimed at times). Christian calmed her, assured her it was okay for the baby to be with the Losties (or Others), but then after some sort of falling out, Claire sided with Smokey and now feels that is no longer acceptable.
  2. (75%) Claire is possessed by an entity who has a connection to the ENTITY WHO POSSESSED AARON! Yes, baby Aaron did die on the island, only to be claimed when Jin gave Claire the urchin. Infected Claire wants the infected baby back.

In all honesty, I don’t particularly believe either of these, but it’s a “whoa, maybe…” kind of thing.

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-Scott Copperman-

I’m starting to doubt we’ll get these answers

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Not that they’re major plot points, but I’m starting to think wew’re just not going to get certain minor questions answered.

I’ll list some of my “we’re going to be left to wonder” candidates below:

  • Who is the “her” that Juliet looked “just like?” And who was the painting in Ben’s room supposed to be?  (I’m guessing it’s Juliet from 1977 for both)
  • The whole Annie thing. (at most, I think we may learn the true impact of being “saved” in the pool, get to see how Ben changed in the way he changes to being mean toward or disinterested in Annie – but I think overall we’ll never see Annie again)
  • Why did Dr. Chang use so many aliases? (don’t think it’ll ever be visited)
  • How those with special gifts got their gifts (Hurley, Miles, Walt, etc.,). (I do NOT think it’s from Jacob – some people are just born special.)
  • Why Frank didn’t pilot the initial flight. (We may see a scene where Jacob prevents him from doing it, but I don’t think so.)
  • Anything about Kelvin. (The connections in general just don’t seem to matter as much, as we’re seeing in the alternate timeline)

That’s just a couple so far. I’ll post more after the next episode or two. What do you think?

-Scott Copperman-

“We’re the good guys, Michael”

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So Ben says, but is he telling the truth?

As much as I believe Ben is good natured just immature, misunderstood, and someone with good intentions but bad methods – I’m not so sure who the good guys really are.

We all believed it was Jacob, and now it’s become in style to say Jacob might be bad. Evil bad? Maybe. Some people think he’s more like eating too many cookies bad: he’s not bad in himself but he doesn’t exactly help you.

I personally believe that it’s not that he’s bad, it’s that he’s no better that Fake Locke/Smokey. Each has different methods, but overall they’re indifferent to the collateral damage they may cause. Think of them as two researchers… Fake Locke has his methods, Jacob has his, but both are still using unwitting, unwilling subjects in their experiments. And we can’t exactly say a higher percentage of Jacob’s subjectees survive.

Heck, at least Smokey seems to do his own dirty work (death of Jacob excluded, of course – but it’s not like he wouldn’t have if he could’ve). Jacob sends “worthy” individuals into battle, and many of them never make it back.

My own theory?  At this point, I think Ben’s good at heart but with poor “people skills.” He has a conscience but he believes he’s a soldier in a greater battle and his needs/wants don’t matter.

Jacob and Smokey are neither bad nor good. Smokey is more heavy handed, cut to the chase… but ultimately both have the same regard or lack of regard for the humans in their charge.

What do you think?

-Scott Copperman

Some thoughts and theories (spoiler-free)

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I’m not sure that this is the route things will go, but here’e are some ideas I have about what MIGHT be going on in LOST.

  1. A body being “claimed” or “infected” is something like what Smith does to programs in the second movie of the Matrix trilogy. The idea would be that the smoke monster is a consciousness capable of embodying multiple forms at one one time. It is one theory that explains how both Christian Shephard and Claire could be in the cabin at the same time, and one that allows for Smokey to be attempting to take over Sayid’s body at the same time as he is in Locke’s.
  2. There are multiple entities on the island looking to claim new bodies. Are these disembodied spirits the whispers?  Are two of them Adam and Eve? In this theory, Christian Shephard and Claire have been claimed/possessed by different souls, possibly neither of them being the smoke monster.  Or, it’s possible that the smoke monster is a collective of consciousnesses. Each identity within the smoke monster collective is capable of posessing a body at some time.
  3. The vaccinations Claire was taking and the drugs she was given by Ethan could come back to play some role in her fate on the island.

Want to hear more ideas and theories or see these ideas fleshed out in more detail?  Be sure to check out the  ReThinking LOST podcast, available on itunes and at .

-Scott Copperman-

Why isn’t Jin more concerned about Sun?

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There is no reason for the Dharma-Losties to think Sun is anywhere except on the island somewhere in the 70s.

I know Jin spent some time looking for Sun, but especially after Sayid showed up in the woods – he should be believing Sun is out there somewhere.

Why isn’t he freaking out looking for her?

I know he’s a cool cucumber, as they say, but new-Jin is back in love with Sun, and he should want to protect her.

Why isn’t he more obsessed with looking for Sun?