I’m starting to doubt we’ll get these answers

Not that they’re major plot points, but I’m starting to think wew’re just not going to get certain minor questions answered.

I’ll list some of my “we’re going to be left to wonder” candidates below:

  • Who is the “her” that Juliet looked “just like?” And who was the painting in Ben’s room supposed to be?  (I’m guessing it’s Juliet from 1977 for both)
  • The whole Annie thing. (at most, I think we may learn the true impact of being “saved” in the pool, get to see how Ben changed in the way he changes to being mean toward or disinterested in Annie – but I think overall we’ll never see Annie again)
  • Why did Dr. Chang use so many aliases? (don’t think it’ll ever be visited)
  • How those with special gifts got their gifts (Hurley, Miles, Walt, etc.,). (I do NOT think it’s from Jacob – some people are just born special.)
  • Why Frank didn’t pilot the initial flight. (We may see a scene where Jacob prevents him from doing it, but I don’t think so.)
  • Anything about Kelvin. (The connections in general just don’t seem to matter as much, as we’re seeing in the alternate timeline)

That’s just a couple so far. I’ll post more after the next episode or two. What do you think?

-Scott Copperman-

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