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Editing a 2.5 hour finale in 6 days

Posted in Airdates and Show Schedule, Observations, Some wonderings I don't really believe on May 11, 2010 by Scott Copperman

I was listening to the Official LOST Audio Podcast from May 7, and I was struck by what Damon and Carlton said about how they’ve basically edited a feature film in a fraction of the time normally allotted to such a task.

When you think about it, they do that pretty regularly… maybe not a 2.5 hour episode, but a 1 hour episode… far more nuanced than your standard sit-com, that is basically a mini-feature film.

It’s pretty impressive.

What I’d love to know see is the cutting room floor material. We get a glimpse of it in the Geronimo Jack’s podcast but it’s been pretty conspicuously not part of the DVDs. There are some deleted scenes, but they’re deleted from the final cuts… very polished looking and all. I’m curious what some of the raw deleted, we changed our mind completely, footage might be. There must be quite a bit from over 120 hours of LOST.

Still, it must be said, I’m very impressed by the work the show’s producers do and and have done… especially with the high quality of the finished product.

-Scott Copperman-

ReThinking LOST Episode 022 now available

Posted in Airdates and Show Schedule, ReThinking LOST with tags , , , , , , , on January 18, 2010 by Scott Copperman

You can check out Episode 22 and every episode of ReThinking LOST on Itunes or at our main site:

Episode 022 was actually recorded as Episode 023, but after a day full of spoilery tweets on twitter, we decided to invite Anna from the Jacob’s Cabin podcast over and vent. It’s a quicky, but it’s something we wanted to say. Also, you’ll find the new Ep 023 (featuring special guest Ross from the Creeping With Armstrong podcast) is worth the wait.

Enjoy the show.

Scott Copperman

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The State of the Union hullabaloo

Posted in Airdates and Show Schedule with tags , , , , on January 9, 2010 by Scott Copperman

This is exactly why I started this blog.

About 48 hours ago , I first started seeing the #NoStateofUnionFeb2 hashtag on twitter. The big fear sweeping through the internet was that President Obama might hold his State of the Union address on February 2, the scheduled opening date for the final season of LOST.

By the time you read this, it’s old news. Again, exactly why I started this blog. I did hope to get a reaction and “two cents worth” in before the matter was resolved, but I knew there was no way it would remain a lingering and relevant issue until we recorded our next episode of ReThinking LOST, let alone released it.

Personally, I think people are crazy if they want the President of the United States to factor what’s on television into his decisions. I fully expect his opponents to rip him to shreds (if they haven’t started to already) for giving in to Disney and possibly Fox (Amerian Idol starts its season on the reported alternate date for the State of the Union, January 26).

I’m not saying the President DID defer to those organizations, but it certainly doesn’t look good. And, unfortunately, it’s got an appearance that’s easily spun that way.

I love LOST. I want to see it start as soon as possible (although deferring it another week would’ve meant it lasted a week longer too, right?).

My issue with all this was four-fold:

  1. Many people claimed it was unfair to ABC who had spent so much on advertising – feh, they got tons of free advertising over the last 48 hours and will continue to get more in today’s paper. Trust me, if anyone didn’t know before when the first episode of Season 6 was airing, they know now. And if … if… they felt they had to move the show’s start date… they would have AGAIN gotten tons of free publicity about the move and (based on the press coverage today) tons of support for their willingness to adapt.
  2. Many of the people who spoke out on this issue are typically silent on other more significant issues. Not all… some people do many great things. And, to be honest, a lot of us don’t. We keep quiet unless an issue affects us directly. And even then, sometimes we’re more affected by the fact our favorite actor’s son is in a car accident than our cousin in Topeka. Not everyone’s like that, but one of the things that irks me about the internet in general is that it fosters that skewed sense of where to invest your efforts. This isn’t making much sense, so I’ll just summarize this “point 2” by saying a lot of people got involved in this debate than were involved in issues I would consider more meaningful.
  3. As I stated above, I can’t believe people were encouraging the President to allow his decisions to be influenced by what’s on TV.  A friend of mine pointed out that the Presidential Inauguration was rescheduled once for the Super Bowl, but I would contend that it different matter in many ways. First of all, there was the precedent of it having been moved from Jan 20 at least 5 times prior because the date fell on a Sunday. Not because of football, but to avoid potential religious conflicts. And, the ceremony was moved… not the actual inauguration (in this instance, although we had been President-less for 24 hours after many of the other reschedulings).  And… the decision was criticized. This seemed to have an expectation that the President should defer.
  4. Finally, I felt this was given far too much attention in general. I’m a fan of the show. I want to see the show. I would’ve been irritated to not be able to watch the show, and even more annoyed if I had worked for ABC or some other group which had to work around a Feb 2 State of the Union address. But, this was hardly news. Purple section of the USA Today? Sure. Entertainment Weekly editorial or even article? Sure. But, this story creeped closer and closer to the front page and the front line of the media. It was a question asked of the White House press secretary.

So anyway, it’s all moot.

To quote USA Today, “LOST wins out over State of the Union” and Scott took too long to write about the hullabaloo in his blog designed to allow him to comment on issues that might become irrelevant by the time he recorded ReThinking LOST.

And just to clarify, I’m perfectly happy that LOST will be airing in less than a month. I’ll be watching on February 2nd, and I tip my hat to those of you who ensured there would be no confusion as to which date it all would begin. I just thought the whole thing was a bit silly.

Scott Copperman