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After a month’s absence, ReThinking LOST is back

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Episode 43 of the ReThinking LOST podcast is now available.

There were multiple reasons for the delay – none less important than the fact that Elton and I had overfilled our ReThinking LOST file storage space on podbean and short of shelling out $100, we had to wait a few weeks for new space to become available.

Please enjoy this “old school” style look at some spoilers that the Dark UFO site decided NOT to share and be sure to keep looking for us to rethink LOST.

-Scott Copperman-


ReThinking LOST is a “Point of Entry”

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Many thanks to Virginia Heffernan of the NY Times for recommending the ReThinking LOST podcast in her April 19 article, “‘LOST’ in Translation.”

We’ve very proud and appreciative of this honor.

-Scott Copperman-

Lost in 8:15 – Where’s Alex?

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Back on January 12th we recorded what will likely become Episode 23 of ReThinking LOST. The episode is finally going to be released for another week or so, and I don’t want to spoil it, so…  I’m not going to go into all the things we talked about.

However, I will tell you this. Elton McManus, Ross Cleaver, and I spent an hour looking at the original LOST in 8:15 video and the more recent release which covers seasons 1 – 5 instead of only 1-3. The differences were intriguing and if this truly is “what you need to know” going into Season 6, then it suggests many things that people have spent a lot of time analyzing are not important at all.

Case in point (and I’m fairly sure this did not even make it into our discussion)… Alex (Rousseau’s daughter, raised by Ben) does not appear anywhere in either video. Her exclusion from the most recent video suggests that Ben’s issues with Widmore may not play a major role in Season 6.

Can’t you just picture how easy it would have been to have that fast talking woman say “Widmore sent Kimi. Kimi killed Alex. Ben cried. Ben found Widmore and made a promise. “BEN: I’m here, Charles, to tell you that I’m going to kill your daughter. Penelope, is it? And once she’s gone… once she’s dead… then you’ll understand how I feel. And you’ll wish you hadn’t changed the rules.” Ben finds Penny. (shot of young Charlie calling for Mommy). Ben can’t do it.”

Look at this study of the confrontation scene from Vozzek’s web site. Hmm… “the shape of things to come?” Apparently not.

If it turns out that this conflict is over and done with , I think that tells us two things…

  1. Pennys’ lineage as a Widmore, Danielle and Alex, and Ben’s role as a father are not going to be key parts of Season 6.
  2. Widmore is not THE bad guy. He may be a pawn of, but just as I theorize Ben is a good guy with bad people skills… the same may be true of Widmore. But he is NOT the antagonist in our main story of LOST.

We go into this a bit more in next week’s Season 6 Predictions episode of ReThinking LOST, but that won’t be out until after the LOST in 8:15 analysis is released.

So, please be sure to check out that episode and let me know what you think about this and other omissions.

-Scott Copperman-

ReThinking LOST Episode 022 now available

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You can check out Episode 22 and every episode of ReThinking LOST on Itunes or at our main site:

Episode 022 was actually recorded as Episode 023, but after a day full of spoilery tweets on twitter, we decided to invite Anna from the Jacob’s Cabin podcast over and vent. It’s a quicky, but it’s something we wanted to say. Also, you’ll find the new Ep 023 (featuring special guest Ross from the Creeping With Armstrong podcast) is worth the wait.

Enjoy the show.

Scott Copperman

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ReThinking LOST Episode 21 now available

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You can check out Episode 21 and every episode of ReThinking LOST on Itunes or at our main site:

It’s a good episode. We follow up on some listener suggestions of theories and emails. I make a (pretty embarassing) pitch to be included in Jay and Jack’s Autism Speaks 24 hour podcast. I was serious, though, when I said it’s the same weekend as the Atlantic City Beer Fest (a.k.a. “the celebration of the suds”). I do hope to attend one of those two… are you listening/reading Jay and Jack?  I’m giving you first dibs.

We also weren’t really sure how much we wanted to go into the non-existent (in my eyes) connection between the worlds of LOST and Flash Forward. I explain it in the show, but again, I think you have to look at in the way the St. Elsewhere tie-ins played out. It’s a nod to the fans or to good source materials, not a link between worlds. If you didn’t already, go check out this site to see how convoluted it could potentially get: . It’d actually be pretty cool if someone went through and made a map similar to the one on that site taking all the JJ “nods” that connect Mission Impossible and Cloverfield and Star Trek and Star Wars and Lost and such… but that’s my point… it’s too much.

Enjoy the show. I’ll react to feedback here and on an upcoming show.

Scott Copperman

New blog about LOST is coming

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Hi everyone. It’s me, Scott (SHC1970), co-host of the ReThinking LOST podcast.

This blog is intended to supplement, not take away from in any way, the podcast that Elton McManus and I produce about the TV show LOST.

Basically, this is going to be a SPOILER FREE presentation of the notes and thoughts I have as I prepare to do our podcast. With Elton and I being on opposite sides of the Atlantic and with our lives as busy as they are we don’t get to podcast as often as we’d like to. Plus, in an interest of keeping our shows a certain length we sometimes don’t get to discuss things in the depth or direction we’d like or originally planned to. Sometimes the time which passes between having a thought to recording to editing to posting the podcast is so long it makes the thought unsuitable for being part of the show. But it’s a thought none the less.

So, this will be a spot where some of those ideas can get out into the interweb.

I promise, it will be SEASON 6 SPOILER-FREE. And hopefully it will be worth your while.

Scott Copperman