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ReThinking LOST Episode 21 now available

Posted in ReThinking LOST with tags , , , on January 12, 2010 by Scott Copperman

You can check out Episode 21 and every episode of ReThinking LOST on Itunes or at our main site:

It’s a good episode. We follow up on some listener suggestions of theories and emails. I make a (pretty embarassing) pitch to be included in Jay and Jack’s Autism Speaks 24 hour podcast. I was serious, though, when I said it’s the same weekend as the Atlantic City Beer Fest (a.k.a. “the celebration of the suds”). I do hope to attend one of those two… are you listening/reading Jay and Jack?  I’m giving you first dibs.

We also weren’t really sure how much we wanted to go into the non-existent (in my eyes) connection between the worlds of LOST and Flash Forward. I explain it in the show, but again, I think you have to look at in the way the St. Elsewhere tie-ins played out. It’s a nod to the fans or to good source materials, not a link between worlds. If you didn’t already, go check out this site to see how convoluted it could potentially get: . It’d actually be pretty cool if someone went through and made a map similar to the one on that site taking all the JJ “nods” that connect Mission Impossible and Cloverfield and Star Trek and Star Wars and Lost and such… but that’s my point… it’s too much.

Enjoy the show. I’ll react to feedback here and on an upcoming show.

Scott Copperman